Ref. U+262F Interactive augmented sculpture

A personal choice, collective consequences
Designed as a machine, whose code name «Ref: U + 262F» is the unicode of yin and yang, the imposing sculpture allowed the public to live a new experience. Indeed, it’s the materialization of a simple principle : each of our personal choices affect our surroundings.

spectators were able to generate a collective experience (visual and audio) which varied according to words they had selected individually.
This experience could oscillate between two worlds that everything opposed : one sweet, nice and relaxing and the other black, anxiety and hostility.
Sometimes these two worlds merged to form a third balanced universe.

Interactive Creation performed by the collective paradigme for the «festival Cabane» May 25, 2014.

Global Concept
Cedric BACHORZ ( Diez )
Artistic directors :
Jérémie COTTA & Cédric BACHORZ ( Diez )
Augmented structure «Solenoid» By Jérémie COTTA
Interactive ground projection by Cédric BACHORZ ( Diez )
Video Artists :
Cédric LE DRU / Dylan REGAL / Cédric BACHORZ ( Diez ) / Jérémie COTTA
Programming :
Mathieu LOZ (Lozange Lab)
Sound design :
Phlippe MORVAN (Iroskin – laptop session)
Lights master :
Raynald ZVUNKA
Stage manager :
Cameramen & Photographers:
Christophe Jung (Tauph)
Fensch Toast
Video report edit :
Jérémie COTTA
Production :
Anthony ZOLLO