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Hibanana Studio. Infinite

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Miao Jing:
Visual Artist/Painting Artist
Based in New York and Beijing
Miao Jingis an Oil painting artist and Visual Artist. He lives and works in Beijing and New York.

Miao Jing created many series of painting works and his multimedia work refer to VJ, performance, space and audiovisual installation.
Miao Jing ‘s artwork including painting and multimedia work have exhibited in museums and galleries in China, Korea and France. His work conveys his thinking of consumer society/culture and displays the new situation of young contemporary artist.
As a visual artist, Miao Jing’s new media work always display in live visual performance, digital art event or interactive environment. His painting work and visual work have subtle connection with each other.

Liu Chang
Visual Artist/Interaction Designer
Based in New York and Beijing
Liu Changis a Multimedia Artist who lives and works in New York now. She is a MFA candidate of Interactive Arts in Pratt Institute.
Liu Chang’s work pursuits the dual experiences of audio and visual, while, she also concerns about the video art and visual art in contemporary context. Her work conveys the thinking of urban culture and digital artistic language. Liu Chang collaborates with Miao Jing, and their multimedia work have displayed in National Museum of China, Cmoda and Galleries.
Liu Chang involved in many commercial projects or crossover cases,combining with visual art and popular elements. As an artist and visual designers, she have a lot of experiences in multimedia fashion show, live visual performance, video&space installation and video packaging.


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