Mapping Contest. Lux Greco, 2013. Toledo, Spain. (ENGLISH)

On the occasion of the celebration of Lux Greco 2013, Youth Council and the Department of Culture of the City of Toledo, hold a mapping contest on 16th, 17th and 18th of July on the main gate of San Juan de los Reyes Monastery.

Participants must be under 30 years (the contest is sponsored by the Youth Council) and is open people from all nationalities.

First Round.
Days: July 16th/ 17th, 2013.
Time: 23:00h to 01:00h.

Final. Jury Awards.
Day: July 18th, 2013.
Time: 23:00h to 01:00h.

1st Price – 1500 € + software license
2nd Prize – 750 € + software license
3rd Prize – 500 € + software license

A ZIP file will containing following materials will be provided to every participant. In order to receive the working templates, follow next steps:

1 – Download the registration form here.

2 – Fill it and send to
3- We will send you the zip file and all necessary information to participate.

The templates(*) include:

– 2D y 3D building templates. Templates format/resolution is 16:9 FULL HD 1080 x 1920, every content will be delivered in vertical format.
– Some pictures of details.
(*) Templates are in 3D Studio, Cinema 4D and FBX formats.

WARNING: On 3D files, the camera view is set to fit the projection template. It is VERY IMPORTANT not to change or move the camera view, lens, etc. or the final content will not fit the gate properly.


RESOLUTION: 1080 x 1920, final content will be delivered in vertical format.
frames per seconds: 30
Codec: H.264, using mp4 format
Sound: WAV 48K 16 Bit, in a separate file

It is possible to use any technic for the audiovisual content creation. Final result must be a HD Quality video (1920 x 1080, 30 fps, stereo sound).

Patchs or live generative video generated using VVVV, Quartz Composer, etc. will not be accepted.

Video length: from 3 to 5 minutes.

ENHANCE CREATIVITY: Supporting the most innovative proposals which introduce different ideas, never seen before.

TEMÁTICA: El Greco. Life and Work. Any proposal that may result offensive to any rage, religion or collective will not be considered. Also those ones inciting violence, politically incorrect proposals or just those ones that cannot be properly reproduced or if the jury considers that should not be publicly displayed, will be also rejected.

PARTICIPANTS: Collectives, studies or individuals, from any nationality, living or not in Spain, YOUNGER THAN 30 YEARS. Private companies are not accepted in the contents.  The jury reserves the right to refuse a proposal.


Videos will be accepted until july 12th, 2013 at 13:00h (Madrid Time).
Send the contents using a digital delivery (wetransfer, dropbox, etc) to
Organization reserves the right to refuse any material that don’t meet every technical requirement.


Apparati Effimeri (
– Marco Grassivaro

Millumin (
– Philippe Chaurand

GarageCube (
– Ilan Katin

Creative Digital Motion (
– Peter Kirn

Vjspain (
– Juanjo Fernández

Ibercover (
– Manuel Horischnik