Manuals, manuals, manuals

Hello, hello!

Some updates this week in the manual department and other exciting things:

Firstly, this is a quick reminder again that we have released an Online Modules manual that contains step by step information about creating your own modules along with some recipes that will help you customize your control of Modul8.

Also available is an updated version of the printed and PDF manual. The formatting of the PDF version has been modified so you can use it in your iPad. The printed manual can be purchased when you log into yourspace.

French versions of both the printed and PDF versions have been released as well.

Our official partners Opticious have launched their own portal for Modul8 with information and Modul8 related activities can be found in that country.

With our collaborators 1024 architecture, we have just released version 1.1 of MadMapper! Read more about it on the MadMapper 1.1 blog page. If you already own Modul8 you can purchase MadMapper at a discount price. Log into the yourspace page for details.