Demo Nuevas funciones Madmapper 1.1

Demo Nuevas funciones MAdmapper 1.1 realizado para
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Here are some of the feature highlights:

Bezier meshes

Warp your textures to fit curved surfaces using bezier meshes. Every
point on a mesh can be manipulated in both the output and the input
window. Additionally, you can add and remove subdivisions to your mesh
without affecting its shape.


Not just a simple masking of an image into a circle, our circle has 5
points that allow you to reposition the center point of your image so
that it is displayed correctly when your circular objects are positioned
at an angle.


Save an unlimited amount of presets. Every time you make a change to a
setup, be it that you changed the position or added a quad, changed the
order of your quads, you can create yet another preset. Make several
different compositions to test them out and change presets on the fly
with DMX (see below).

Surface color modulation

Some simple and small material can now be pushed even further within
MadMapper because you can now variate that colors of your quads,
traingles and circles.

Syphon output

Send the output of MadMapper to any other Syphon enabled application.
One of the main benefits is that this allows you to record your output
using the Syphon Recorder ( so that you can play it back in a standard player or projector, or apply real time effects to it within your VJ application.

Extended DMX support

We have added an extended fixture mode that allows you to control the
properties of the quads, giving you more control that allows you to
further integrate MadMapper into your stage design setups. See our page
in the advanced tutorials section for the full channel listing.

Further enhancements include:


– Surface to stage

– Mesh to surface

– Mesh to stage

– Multiple selection snap

Movement constraints:

– Shift + mouse constraints along the x or y axis

– alt + keyboard constraints in perspective

– Mask primitive invert option


– Reveal in Finder button for image/movie media files

– Unlimited Presets: allows for taking a “snapshot” of the current configuration


– Additional background color defaults (grey, red, green, blue)

– Toggle highlight background with a button in view toolbars

– Stage size and stretch output options

For a full and detailed list of changes see the forum post.

The update is free for all registered users of MadMapper and can be
downloaded from the yourspace page, accessible using your serial number.

Licenses, that can be used to authorize on two computers, can be purchased from our shop.