IR Mapio update to 1.5 _ beta 1

Seguimos tras la pista de este «pequeño» programa desarrollado por Ivan
Ryaboff, en esta ocasión arregla fallos en su funcionamiento y actualiza
efectos y mejoras a la hora de realizar el warping.


+ Not restricted history for undo
edo changes.

+ Support triangular areas.

+ New fx – set masks for each areas by user loaded images.

New fx – color corrections with control for opacity, saturation,
contrast, bright, gamma (common and RGB separately), black/white level.

Full support of editing areas by keyboard with support of the
multi-selection. + New tools: reorder area to up/down, copy area
configuration from opposite mode, lock of mouse moving by X/Y.

+ New settings item: canvas background image. And now all items settings are stored with the project file.

* Improved Edge Blending effect for more accuracy of blending. And added «Geometry ignore» option.

* For all vector ́s masks added «smooth» option.

* By right click on slider to reset him to default value.

* For Resolume Avenue 4 ready.

And more bugs fixed and common improvements.

All hotkeys and hints of control you can see by F1 key.

Download IR Mapio 1.5 beta1:


Mac OS X