Beat loops in Modul8

Un tutorial sencillo para sincronizar las visuales al tempo de los bpm.

These are the modules I ́m using:
– (at) BPM (Global) by Andy Teasdale (I use this one instead of the default BPM (Global) module from Garagecube).
– BPM Router (layer)

I think I made up the fact that Andy Teasdale lives in London, sorry about that.

A repeated question is how long the video clip should be. I use clips
between 2-8 seconds. You have to test how your clip will work with the
kind of music you are performing to. You might want to have the option
to make it both fast and slow. If the clip is too short it will get
really choppy when you play it slow (4/1 beat). And if you make it too
long you might have problem making it fast enough for your fastest
speeds (1/4 & 1/8 beat). If you normally perform to a certain kind
of music it could be an idea to cut your clip to that kind of music to
get the feeling for the right length.

I use the Photo JPG codec at 75% quality for my video clips.

The music track is called «You-boat» and is made by my buddy Johan Afterglow. Get it here:

Watch my tutorials channel on Vimeo: