Mobileé Tour #01. Viernes, 20 de Octubre 2006

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    [color=brown]ANJA SCHNEIDER
    [ Mobileé Records | Berlín ]

    A professional with deep industry ties and a long list of accomplishments,
    Anja Schneider remains an amateur in the literal sense of the word.
    Where others might settle into a single specialty, the Berlin-based
    multitasker is the founder of the successful mobilee label, a talented
    musician, a sought-after club DJ and a well-known radio personality.

    Since 2000, Anja has broadcast her own radio show, Dance Under the
    Blue Moon, live on Fritz Radio every Saturday night, both on the air and
    the web ( One of Germany’s most important electronic-
    usic radio programmes, Anja’s show translates club innovations to the
    airwaves and treats her listeners to a wealth of unreleased material via
    her own sets and those of her distinguished guests. Her roster of invitees
    reads like a who’s who of the international dance-music scene: Luciano,
    Tiefschwarz, M.A.N.D.Y., Steve Bug, Matt John, and many (many) more.
    But it’s not just about dropping names: For over half a decade, Anja’s
    show has provided the soundtrack for Saturday nights in Berlin, giving
    hundreds of thousands of listeners a springboard for jumping off into the
    long, long night.

    As KISS FM’s producer of special features, Anja developed the KISS FM
    Loveboat, which followed her move to Radio Fritz in 1997 and is now
    known as Fritz Loveradio. The spectacular event unites the dancefloor
    and the airwaves, inviting 50 internationally renowned DJs to spin a 50-
    our marathon. In 2003, the project won the German Dance Awards’ “Best
    National Radio Programme” award.

    Motivated by the simple desire to share music with the widest audience
    possible, a move from the broadcaster’s booth to the DJ cabin was a
    logical extension, and in 2003 Anja launched her first residency, the
    Popmobil, at Berlin’s famed Watergate club, where her guests have
    included the likes of Jennifer Cardini, Joakim, Tobi Neumann etc. Upon
    launching the mobilee label in April 2005, Anja launched a new monthly
    at Berlin’s storied WMF, where she presented both mobilee label artists
    and an array of international guests. mobilee’s WMF parties will resume
    with the club’s relaunch in late 2006.

    But it’s undoubtedly mobilee that has introduced Anja to a truly
    worldwide audience. Despite the label’s short history so far, its innovative
    productions—which follow Anja’s lead by combining minimalism, a playful
    feminine spirit, slinky grooves and all-out raving madness—have
    attracted the attention of top DJs, clubbers and curious listeners the
    world over. mobilee’s buzz quickly catapulted from local word-of-mouth
    and online enthusiasm to attract the attention of international publications
    like The Wire and Mixmag, XL8R, Groove, De-Bug and Anja’s collaboration with Sebo K, “Rancho Relaxo,”
    quickly became a staple in the sets of DJs—and not just “minimal” DJs—
    around the world; she followed up that success with her solo debut for
    the label, the Lily of the Valley EP, which with its intricate syncopations,
    careful sound design and undeniable hooks continues to push the mobilee
    sound forward. As though she weren’t busy enough, Anja has also
    tackled remixes for Tsuba Records, Karmarouge, Moodmusic and Steve
    Bug’s Dessous Recordings.

    With ears trained through years of broadcast and DJ experience, Anja
    has turned her abilities as a selector towards discovering fresh,
    innovative talent; current mobilee signess Sebo K, Pan-Pot, GummiHz
    and Exercise One are just the start of what we can expect from Anja’s
    development of mobilee as the platform for a new generation of musical


    [color=brown]SEBO K
    [ Mobileé Records | Berlín ]

    Sebo K has long been a key figure in Berlin’s electronic dance music
    community; now, thanks to his releases on the mobilee label, including
    “Rancho Relaxo”, co-produced with Anja Schneider, and “Moved”,
    featuring Prosumer, he’s becoming an unstoppable force on the scene.

    Like so many others, Sebo K began DJing in the early 90s; he found his
    footing as resident DJ at Alec Empire’s Bass Terror, Berlin’s first UK
    breakbeat parties. By the mid 90s he had discovered his love for Chicago
    house and Detroit techno — a passion that will be evident to anyone
    that’s heard the vintage depths of his 2005 track “Moved”—and at the
    turn of the decade he began his residency at Berlin’s legendary POGO
    club. Today, Sebo K is a resident at Berlin’s Watergate
    (, and he frequently appears at Berlin venues like
    Weekend, where he shares a regular date with Ewan Pearson.

    As a producer, Sebo K cut his teeth on productions for Sonar Kollektiv,
    PIAS (producing for Anja Schneider) and Highgrade. He’s been tapped
    to produce exclusive tracks for Freezone (Crammed/SSR) and F.U.N.
    (Four Music) compilations, working alongside DJ Oskar; their F.U.N.
    contribution would go on to be licensed for Sony’s DJ Decks & FX
    Playstation game.

    Sebo K’s productions for mobilee have established him as frighteningly
    talented producer and a formidable player on the scene. His collaboration
    with Anja Schneider, the “Rancho Relaxo”/”Side Leaps” EP (mobilee 003),
    reached no. 9 on Groove’s charts, and has gone on to be an enduring
    staple in the crates of DJs worldwide. And his double A-side EP for the
    label, “Horizons” and “Moved” (mobilee 007)—the latter featuring the
    vocal talents of Playhouse/240 Volts artist Prosumer—has reinforced the
    importance of house for a new generation of minimal lovers. With an
    unparalleled sense of pulse and soul, Sebo K is just beginning to hit his

    Sebo K’s tracks have been licensed for several dj-mix compilations like
    Richie Hawtin´s Mixmag CD, Josh Wink´s Ministry Of Sound and the Time
    Warp CD by Tiefschwarz.


    más música:

    [ | PORTUGAL ]



    der kleinste Prinz
    [ keine Liebe ohne Stile ~ Werkstatt ]


    Avenida de Marie Curie, s / n … Isla de la Cartuja, SEVILLA


    mehr info zur Theme : + 34 660 02 56 36

    and so u saw, at this time, no spanish translation, due to our
    international relationships… other? jejeje… a veces tampoco me


    bueno, bueno…

    y sigamos adelantando algunos artistas más…

    * D.A.R.Y.L. [OKT]
    * JUNIOR [OKT]
    * DJ KOZE [DEZ]

    en fin… sobran palabras


    michael mayer?¿?¿?¿? ohhhhhh siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dios mio esa si que no me la pierdo necesito fechas fechas jejejejejejejeje

    asi me gusta buena programacion!!!!!!!

    saludos from cuenca!


    joder, si michael mayer viene kada 2 meses a pinchar a apolo…tiene residencia…invitados estais a mi kely kuando venga…

    x cierto, el domingo pasado x la mañana, kuando salio de pinchar en apolo, se fue al bar de abajo de mi kasa, a pinchar hasta la hora de komer…para todos los publikos…komo lo estais leyendo 😉

    1abrazo primo


    Joder con los EmporiosArmanis, has triunfao con la puta programación…

    ¿Y si llueve o hace frio amigo Derklein? ¿Pondreis a Koze y Mayer chubasqueros? o ¿dejaras de hacer visuales para cubrirles con un paraguas?

    El Emporio es una terraza de verano… esta al aire libre ¿no? (hace frio)…

    ¿No estarán un poco flipando tus jefes? No estareis mas resguardados en el Estadio Olimpico o en las carpas de la antigua estación del AVE o debajo del puente? donde se hacen las Raves…




    acaso me tratas, Broder como Caín con el Justo Abel?

    Sé temeroso, mas no rencoroso…

    No verás descargar mi vulgo sobre tu cocorota, así que cuando
    quieras, ven a visitarnos…

    Y recuerda… en invierno, estamos bajo techo y una nueva disposición
    de las visuales… te va a gustar la idea que tengo… ya me conoces con
    un martillo y unos clavitos!


    P.S.1.: por cierto, este finde, ya sabes… Rave el Sabado hasta bien
    entrada la tarde del domingus… para festejar el cumpleaños de Marta
    Hunt. Que aun queda mucho KommaClub…

    P.S.2.: te gusta Gabriel Ananda, txampú hidroxeginado? entonces,
    bájate con Guada para diciembre, y ya somos unos cuantos para la
    tourneé por el sur, con sierra, monte, campiña, playa y azoteas…


    al lorito con el directazo que se está marcando Animatek!


    derklein, alli estoy en diciembre, dalo x hecho 🙂

    y klaro ke molaria ver al señor animatek en breve!!



    jejeje… javi me tiene mal acostumbrado…

    simplemente genial son sus directos…

    ya lo pude comprobar hace casi un año en el aniversario
    del KommaClub que tuvo lugar en la Soho…

    aún no sé como estará la sala condicionada, pero
    vendrás para Sevilla? tengo en mente un versus, aunque si
    sé de tu venida… podemos rular a tres bandas, jejeje!


    PS: este evento lo pondré a lo largo del finde. Mándame una info, ¿no?

    o la cojo directamente de MIGA


    Pues si!!!

    Al lorito con el directo de Animatek, la última vez que lo vi fue impresionante, en el Oxigena…un pasote si señor.



    perdón, txampa. ¿Podrías devolver este post a eventos futuros?

    se me fue la olla y no me he dado cuenta de que es en octubre y no
    en septiembre…

    de paso, os pongo las proximas fechas:

    04.11 _ DJ. T (get physical / berlin)
    17.11 _ ÄME (sonar kolektiv / berlin) … autor del hit \\\"REJ\\\"
    02.12 _ DJ KOZE (kompakt / berlin)
    22.12 _ GABRIEL ANANDA (karmarouge / berlin)
    27.01.07 _ MICHAEL MAYER & JO SAUBRIER (kompakt / berlin)

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