Finally, VISUALIST documentary on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime platform broadcasts all over the world a pioneering documentary that addresses the reality of video creation and video jockeys.

Directed by Pedro Pantaleón and Manuel Cid, “Visualist, Those Who See Beyond” is the first film that, under the Visualist concept, brings the past, present and future of AV or Audiovisual Art closer to the general public. Conceived like a journey through a selection of works and in documentary terms, it gives voice to 30 of the most representative figures of this Artistic Movement at an international level.

After premiering at different festivals in different countries such as Madrid (Casabanchel and Madrid Design Festival), Peru (Visiones Art Festival), Helsinki (Lux Festival), Valladolid (Seminci), Barcelona (Mira Festival), Bilbao (BIME) and the great world premiere in Prague (Signal Festival), the documentary is finally available in streaming through Amazon Prime platform.

Filmed for 2 years in cities such as Madrid, Paris, Berlin, New York or San Francisco, Visualist, Those Who See Beyond could be seen in several cities around the world until the team, led by Oscar Testón, decided to start the distribution process, with the intention to place it on streaming platforms in order to obtain the widest possible dissemination. This process coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, which delayed negotiations a bit until an agreement finally was reached.

A round of contacts began and, although the majority of streaming platforms showed interest in the product, only Amazon Prime decided to get hold of it, understanding that it is a “niche documentary”, which enters a new field and for an specialized audience.

Visualist, Those Who See Beyond ”, claims the role of figures such as video jockey and brings us closer to artists such as Merrill Aldighieri, the first video jockey on record; Matt Black, creator of the legendary British multimedia pop group and DJ duo Coldcut; Daito Manabe, show designer for renowned musicians such as Björk, Ryuichi Sakamoto or OK Go, among many others; or 1024 Architecture, pioneers in creating structures for electronic culture or in making architectural mappings.

Herman Kolgen, who with the preciousness of his live cinema, his impressive productions and his futuristic pieces, has dimensioned the public’s relationship with the concept of AV show; as has been done, by surpassing audiovisual limits with the advancement of technology, by artists like ZachLieberman; or Myriam Bleau, one of the experimenters who works with light through objects, making it almost tangible, more relevant. Joanie Lemercier, one of the first vjs to experiment and create new creative concepts never seen before, in her early days with the Antivj visual label.

Robert Henke, Pfadfinderei, Gmunk, Alba G. Corral, Alex Augier, Daniel Canogar, Adam Smith, Angel Molina (Dj), ItaruYasuda, Light Surgeon, Martin Posta, Playmodes, Skullmapping, Mr. Beam, Ali M. Demirel, Hamill Industries , Marta Verde and Steve Giralt, complete with their testimonies and their works the wide spectrum that Visual Art can generate.

«Visualist, Those Who See Beyond» presents and lays the foundations of what it claims as the new audiovisual language, proposing Visual Art as the artistic format of the future.

Music is the other great common thread, since, to a large extent, all this audiovisual artistic movement was conceived in electronic music clubs. The OST was composed by Rubén Kielmannsegge. And Sergio Testón was in charge of mixing and sound design.