2V-P is a visual performance tool

Syphon support and ISF

ISF playback and effects

2V-P is a visual performance tool designed by Ali M. Demirel and engineered by Pascal H. Lesport, as the outcome of their artistic collaboration.

2V-P aims to manifest the idea of a minimalist visual concept and an interactive performance technique which Demirel has developed through his live show experience.

2V-P now supports glsl shaders thanks to the ISF format ((www.interactiveshaderformat.com)).

ISF files can be used as generators with exposed parameters and also as effects.

We support up to 8 ISF effects in each channel and also in the mixer.

Syphon output

2V-P now integrates a Syphon ( http://syphon.v002.info ) output to pipe the 2V-P’s output into any syphon-enabled 3rd party application.

For that you first need to download the 2V-P syphon monitor from our website ( http://2v-p.tv ).