Luis Sanz | STM~ Duality | Audiovisual Performance

Luis Sanz | STM~ Duality | Audiovisual Performance

as part of «International Film Festival Rotterdam»
IFFR sound | vision
performance: Friday, 29th January 2016
Worm, Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Luis Sanz | Autonomous Lethality | Quadraphonic Sound Performance

as part of «Node Festival»
Algorithms & Big data
performance:  Saturday, 30th Januar 2016 16:00
Pôle Sud, Av. J-J Mercier 3, 1003 Lausanne Switzerland

Luis Sanz | MusicMakers Hacklab | Performance

as part of «CTM Festival»
Future Rituals
29.01 – 07.02.2016
performance: 07.02.2016 at HAU2 17:00

Luis Sanz | Autonomous Lethality 

«Luis Sanz presents three pieces, which deal with the disruption of space-time, the questioning of established hierarchies and the rethinking of the role of power.

Using noise as an indefinite space and algorithms to deconstruct and destroy data, indeterminate structures are captured in sound and image“

solo exhibition

opening: 25th february 2016 19:00

finishing:  05th march 2016 18:00

Parzelle403 – Raum für Kultur

Unterer Heuberg 21 4051 Basel

+ special guests after exhibition:

Do 25.02.16

Ale Hop (Lima, Berlin), experimental noise, rock, post-rock shoegazing

Sa 27.02.16

Una Corda Meccanica – piece for radically modified zither, Fabrizio Di Salvo (Basel), mechanical noise drone

Sa 05.03.16

Hýpnos, Alex Guevara (Lima, Berlin), audiovisual concert

Radek Rudnicki (Poland, UK), modular synthesizer performance