El mapping como técnica en las promos de Televisión

AXN y la productora binalogue nos presentan una Promo de sus series realizada con técnicas de mapping sincronizadas con un bailarín. Personalmente me gusta mucho esta forma de hacer mapping junto a coreografías, ya que la experiencia resultante es muy visual y enriquecedora. Os dejo el texto explicativo del proyecto y enlaces a todos los participantes en el proyecto para que podáis conseguir más información. Desde un punto de vista visual aplaudo a la cadena AXN por arriesgar en sus propuestas visuales y a la productora por la elaboración de un fino trabajo.


Our friends at AXN approached us for the second time to create the promo for their upcoming TV-series season, both for Spain and Portugal. Needless to say we were very excited. Last time we worked together we had such a great time, not to mention the success we shared by winning both a silver and a bronze at the New York Festivals 2013.

This year AXN wanted to do something completely different as far as TV promos go, joining aspects from both the digital and analog world which is something we clearly love to do. Binary, analogue: binalogue – get it?

Based on their idea, we co-directed, art directed, produced, designed and animated these promos that fuse live action, choreography, performance, live lighting, video mapping as well as multiple compositing and VFX techniques . The end result was nothing short of spectacular – and alongside the skilful and experienced team from AXN we experienced a great ride while creating these striking pieces to promote their season.

The making of
The process – which involved everything from rehearsals and creating a choreography through to the creation of storyboards, motion graphics, 3D and fluid simulations – was elaborate, stimulating, educational and above all – a truckload of fun!

Project info
Client: AXN – Sony Pictures Television – axn.es
Production Company: Binalogue – binalogue.com

Our role
Co-concept development, Co-direction, Art direction, Technical direction, Design, 3D, Motion graphics, VFX, Compositing & Finishing

AXN Creative manager: David Giménez
AXN Writer/producer: David Giménez
AXN Production coordinator: Elena Muñoz
AXN Production manager: Noelia Alonso
AXN Sound mixer: Claudio Recuero
Concept development: AXN & Binalogue
Direction: David Giménez & David Carrizales
Art direction: David Carrizales
Direction of photography: Tommie Ferreras
Choreography: Fonty (facebook.com/gblbrtl.fontinejose/), David Giménez Teira, David Carrizales & Alejandro de Los Ríos
Talent: Fonty – facebook.com/gblbrtl.fontinejose/
Producer: Gloria Inglis
Technical supervision: Luis de La Barrera – Montenegro, Alejandro de Los Ríos & David Carrizales
Concept art & design: Samuel Alegre, Álvaro Bernis & Jorge Artola
Lead 3D artist: Luis de La Barrera – Montenegro
3D artists: Luis de La Barrera – Montenegro, Alejandro de Los Ríos, Luis Manuel Hidalgo, Álvaro Bernis & Juan de La Peña
Lead compositing artist: David Carrizales
Motion graphics, VFX & compositing: David Carrizales, Samuel Alegre, Fumiaki Kobayashi
Storyboarding: Álvaro Bernis, Fumiaki Kobayashi & Juan de La Peña
Still photography: Judith Sansó – judithsanso.com

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