Abraham Manzanares «colorsound» y sus últimas colaboraciones

Los visitantes están inmersos en una historia de 15min sobre el ascenso del reinado de Wu durante la primavera y otoño entre 514-496 AC.

Se creo un estilo único de escenas de artes marciales en Shanghai combinadas con animaciones  pintadas.

La historia lineal se enriquece con elementos interactivos que refuerzan las sensaciones del espectador siendo tranportado en el tiempo.

Wu Kingdom HelV Relics Museum Implementation

This is a clip while implementing in place and first shows of the project.

Visitors are immersed in a 15-minute story about the rise of the Kingdom of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period between 514–496 BC. We created a unique visual style as a mix of cinematic martial arts scenes shot in Shanghai combined with paint-style animations.

The linear storytelling is enhanced with interactive elements that reinforce the visitors’ feeling of being transported back in time, away to king HelV’s coming into power, his fight for hegemony, the victory at the battle of Boju and other great legends of that period.

For more info and Official project link : tamschick.com/project/wuxi/?lang=en
Official Video : vimeo.com/97433364

Wu Kingdom HelV Relics Museum Wuxi/ Peoples Republic of China

Lead Agency
General de Producciones y Diseño, S.A. (GPD)

Lead Project Management GPD
Eric Teunis

Idea & Concept
Boris Micka
Marc Tamschick

Direction & creative direction
Marc Tamschick


Overall Management, Planning & Production of the Spatial Media Design, Conception, Story Development, Creative Direction, Direction, Art Direction, Production of Shooting, Motion Design, Animation, Postproduction, VVVV programming, Music composition and Sound Design, Implementation

Project Management
Nina Hüskes (Claudia Baumgartner)

Production Management
Tobias Ziegler (Steffen Armbruster)

Sound-Design, Composition
Stefan Will, Sebastian Zenke, Niko Grunert
BLUWI Music and Sounddesign GbR

Interactive Sound programming
Daniel Plewe & Stefan Will
BLUWI Music and Sounddesign GbR

vvvv system programming :
Julien Vulliet
Abraham Manzanares

Media Technology / Hardware
Kraftwerk Living Technologies & Brainsalt Media
22 WUXGA projectors, 14 IR cameras, 36 synchronized computers, 34 audio channels

Floor: with projection and interactive video & audio, size approx. 400sqm, resolution 3600×8500 pixels
Wall: projected & interactive, size approx. 240sqm, resolution: 1900x8500pixel
Program Runtime: 15min

TING – Technology & Democracy

On occasion of the Norwegian Museum of Technology‘s 100th anniversary, the participatory exhibition TING invites visitors to explore and discuss the complex relationships between technology and democracy.

Visitors pass different zones while moving through the exhibition.
The Intro shows illustrations of 8 Objects representing the technologies to be discussed in the upcoming „TING“-Debates combined with contradictory quotes reflecting on the relationship between democracy
and technology.

Then a basic wooden block, analog to the digital pixel, becomes a haptic tool for visitors to trigger digital interactions within the exhibition and to cast their votes within the TING.

Moving further a section with iconic objects serves as case study area, that demonstrates that the value and impact of the technologies behind can be interpreted in many positive and negative ways.
There is not one meaning or truth, but many possible uses and impacts.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the grand amphitheater-like space of the TING


*** CREDITS ***
Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo,

General Planning, Exhibition Design
Ralph Appelbaum Associates Berlin

Ralph Appelbaum Associates Berlin

Media Design and Production

Sound-Design, Composition
BLUWI Music and Sounddesign GbR

Interaction Programming


Concept, media design, screenplay, direction, creative direction, art direction, production and postproduction, animation and motion design, interaction programming, light programming, music and sound design, implementation

Creative Direction, Direction
Marc Tamschick

Production- and Project Management
Tobias Ziegler

Art Direction
Natalie van Sasse van Ysselt
Marc Osswald

High-resolution video projection displaying linear video & real-time 2D & 3D graphics with a resolution of 5280×1056 pixels.
Interactive table, diameter 4m, resolution 1200×1200 pixels.
IR-Tracking of untreated wooden cubes, 10 Microsoft tablets with real-time 2D & 3D graphics graphics.
3-Channel-Audio, Web-Interface for comment functionality.

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