Proyecciones sobre Domos: Immersion Threshold / Budapest Planetarium 2014

Immersion Threshold – FULLDOME show / Budapest Planetarium 2014 from Bordos.ArtWorks / Bordos L Zsolt on Vimeo.

Recently i was invited to participate in a great fulldome project, thanks Leo Kuelbs, thanks Glowing Bulbs!
Presented by 3_Search
Produced by Leo Kuelbs Collection

videos in order of appearance:

«Gravity Lens»
Video by Kiégő Izzók aka Glowing Bulbs
Music: «Free Fall» by Studio H /Cadik, Monkeyneck, Dizkostu, PKO/ (courtesy of Studio H)

Video by Laszlo Zsolt Bordos aka Bordos.ArtWorks
Music: «Escape» by Johann Johannsson (courtesy of Mute Song)

«Perpetual Flux»
Video by Michelle and Bryan Dodson
Music: «Bells» by FaltyDL (Courtesy of Ninja Tune)

«Event Horizon»
Video by Kiégő Izzók aka Glowing Bulbs
Music: «Outer Eye» by Bin Jip (courtesy of Bin Jip)

Special Thanks to:
John Parker, Pedro Zaz, Dallas Aurora, Zsuzsi Nonn, Lightware, Beklaar, Planetarium, Bin Jip, Toto