Gener8 Tutorial – LFOs & Filters (nueva versión 0.62)

After the major rewrite of 0.6, things are settling in much more stable release. We also have a few new tricks for you to play with:-

  • DMX triggers! Send DMX values when you trigger a Clip from the Launchpad module. Works just like the MIDI triggers.
  • Trigger your Clips by DMX – Automap a DMX value to trigger any Clip in the Launchpad!
  • Novation Launchpad2 and Launchpad Mini support.
  • Syphon input support.
  • Global LFO generator (Low Frequency Oscillator) now built into the Launchpad module. 3 LFO’s – 6 waveforms each – 2 variable, 1 BPM synced with a new lower range.
  • Tons of bug fixes too.

A full explanation of the update can be found here.‎

The link below will download the modules and notes about the update. (alternatively, you can launch Modul8 and run the Launchpad and it will automatically download the update for you)

Please read these notes carefully before installation.

Well, have fun and do let me know what you think… and tell me about what you create!

Many thanks to all who have provided feedback and submitted bugs.