Tigrelab y su artefacto generativo 360º

SOLVAY is an internationally renowned Belgian chemical company. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, it organised a event for its employees and their families during a week end in October 2013.

The epicentre of the party consisted in a giant three-tier cake structure upon which corporative videos, an animated video mapping and an interactive game (which also generated the musical theme of the event), were projected and alternated continually.

Due to its circular surface area, both the 360º videos and the game could be seen from anywhere inside the building.

The interaction could be made from 3 different points around the cake, using any one of the 3 tablets situated at each point (9 in total).

Original Concept: Tigrelab / Pelayo Méndez / Set lego
Direction & Art Direction: Tigrelab
Production: Tigrelab
Visuals and Motion Design: Tigrelab
Interface and Code: Pelayo Méndez / Sèt lègo
Music & Sound for interactive: Set Lego
Music & Sound for video: Romain Collinet
Projection Technic: P One