Resources for Workshop: «Moving dots and lines with Processing»

Moviendo Puntos y Rayas con Processing

Last januray 29th team teached a couple of workshop during the Academy For Students in Reijkyavik Punto y Raya Festival 2014: «Moving Dots and Lines with Processing» by Kike Ramírez and «Mapping and Light Drawing» by Juanjo Fernández (AKA Gnomalab).
Kike Ramírez speaking about vjspain community.

One of the "bouncing ball" sketches developed during the workshop.

Hereby you will find the sketchs used as working examples during Processing Workshop:
Download sketches used in Workshop Reykjavik

Punto y Raya Festival

Some other tutorials and examples to continue working with Processing:

Some references and good literature about Processing:

One of the "Moving lines" sketches developed during the workshop.

Thank you very much to all icelandic students that came to have a wonderful time with vjspain at Listasafn Reykjavíkur | Reykjavík Art Museum. Good luck with your animations development and we just look forward to see you very soon!!

Kike Ramírez 

Twitter: @Eramirez_