Mira 2013 Installation Area

foto: http://www.treintayunacanciones.com

Resum del área de INstalaciones del Festival MIRA que tuvo lugar los días 15 y 16 de noviembre del 2013.
Overview of the MIRA Festival Installations Area on November 15th and 16th 2013.

Video by Slidemedia Lab


– Mécaniques Discursives by Yannick Jacquet and Fred Penelle
– Videmapping Sculpture by Slidemedia Lab
– Ilumina by Luis Sanz
– Soft Shell by Pussykrew
– The HD Memories of the hidden 3D feelings by Device
– V.I.R.O.I.A by k-Sero (Telenoika)
– The Invaders Project by Espadaysantacruz
– Cubix by Vision Nocturne