Introducing Sliider – VJing with a web browser


Sliider is a simple yet usable application I’ve created for VJing with webGL and other interactive web based graphics. It works on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. I am releasing an early preview version that has these features:

  • Embedded Chrome browser. 99% of what works in Chrome will work in Sliider.
  • full screen output
  • A <-> B crossfader
  • Load html files from disk or the web
  • Syphon output for the OSX version
  • Control panel with sliders and buttons
  • Drag and click in the scene with the mouse

Download Sliider preview version

Here’s a video where I demonstrate Sliider

Sliider – Demonstration from Udart (Vibeke Bertelsen) on Vimeo.

What is Sliider

Sliider is basically a Chrome browser with some added features that makes it more suited for live performance. You can create your own html pages with any graphics you like whether it is based on WebGl, canvas or SVG and Sliider will display it. Even pages with Flash content should work. By adding a few lines of code to your page javascript (see slii.inputs), you can have custom buttons and sliders in the control window of Sliider.

For developers

Sliider is open source so everything from my examples to the application itself is open for you to use or modify. The Sliider Windows version, and the Sliider fullscreen OSX version are based on Node-Webkit. Get the source code of Sliideron Github. The Sliider Syphon version for OSX is based on the Chromium embedded framework and the source code is here: CefWithSyphon on Github

Important note

Only use Sliider for trusted content. Sliider does not have the security that normally protect you when you browse the web. So don’t use Sliider for browsing cat movie sites please…

Get in touch with me

Please do get in touch if you’ve created something fun. Get in touch on my Udart Facebook page or submit bugs on the Github Sliider page.