Nuevo Mapio 2 Beta ya está disponible

IR Mapio se actualiza  y pasa a ser MAPIO 2. A primera vista nos encontramos con un programa completo (anteriormente era un plugin que corría bajo otro software de visuales). MAPIO 2 tendrá 2 versiones una Lite y una Pro, me imaginoq que el precio y las diferentes opciones de cada software marquen la diferencia.

Os dejo toda la información (en inglés) y un video demo.

We are happy to announce the result of our extensive work on a new version of our mapping software – MAPIO 2! It is created almost from the scratch with intention to make your experience comfortable and easy while reaching the best results.

MAPIO 2 will be available in two versions – Lite and Pro. MAPIO 2 Pro version will be available this autumn.
Features you can find in MAPIO 2 Lite:

Two application modes – can be used as FFGL plug-in or Standalone application
Binding several FFGL plug-ins to a single Mapio editor/project
Syphon support (Mac only) as client and server (for a standalone only)
Each slice in Standalone mode supports image, video file (any FFmpeg format plus sound support) or Sypthon server (MacOS) as a source
Importing of 3D file format (Collada *.dae) support (please see below About 3D Collada import)
Export to SVG or PNG of selected slices and masks
Significantly improved editing features for slices – group transformations, resize and rotation for slices and masks
Editable vectors and bitmap images masks can be set up for each Input or Output map
New Tool for splitting Masks and Slices
New advanced warping tool
Improved Edge Blending tool
Bezier Tool for slices and masks
Option for automatic perspective correction for slices
Different slices shapes: quad, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, ellipse
New overlay layer with mouse cursor, edges and slices vertices in map output (also in FFGL mode)
OSC control of parameters and geometric slices (F1 for instructions)
Copy & Paste of the selected slices or masks
And many more features.
Below you can find licensing options and other information

Upgrade options and license
MAPIO 2 Lite price is 150 euro (excl. VAT). Each license allows two installations, but only one of them could be used as production.
For upcoming customers*: New licensed owners of the MAPIO 1.x will be upgraded to MAPIO 2 Lite free of charge.
* Everyone who buys MAPIO 1.x in the period from June 1, 2013 to the date of MAPIO 2 Lite final release.

For existing customers: Licensed owners of MAPIO 1.x will receive 50% discount to upgrade to MAPIO 2 Lite.

Beta version evaluation
Features of the Beta are not restricted, but application will start displaying a warning that you are using Beta version after September 1st, 2013. Please note, we do not recommend using the application on liability actions without proper testing.

About 3D Collada import
The first requirement to import DAE files is to have at least one camera in the scene. The second requirement – exporting Collada must be made as triangles. The model should be low-polygonal, as each triangle is imported into slice (we recommend no more than 100-200 triangles in a visible scene). For Input and Output maps, you can specify different cameras. For Input map you can use texture mapping coordinates (UV Map) and at the same time attach this texture as the source for a slice.

Known issues
Beta3 version has few issues which will be fixed in a future release.
Currently there is no support for Capture Devices for Mac OS.
Timeline and management of videoclips (panel that opens by clicking on the clip preview) will be improved.
Split tool in combination with other tools currently doesn’t work properly, it’s being fixed.
We are working on improvements continuously.

Importmant notes
Please note, MAPIO 2 FFGL mode is not compatible with MAPIO 1 FFGL. There is a problem in their simultaneous work in Resolume (and other FFGL hosts). To disable the loading of MAPIO 1 you can rename the folder «C:\Program Files (x86)\Visution\Mapio\» or “/Applications/Mapio”. If you would like to switch back to MAPIO 1, it is enough to remove MAPIO 2 folder and change MAPIO 1 folder to the original state.

You can now download the latest MAPIO 2 Lite Beta3 version for MacOS and Windows OS.

MacOS X (10.7 – 10.8): Visution Mapio_v2.0 Lite Beta3
Windows: VisutionMapio_v2.0Lite-Beta3.msi