Störung Festival 8 Workshop: Live Visual Interaction With Quartz Composer

19 de abril a la(s) 10:00 – 20 de abril a la(s) 17:00

Farinera del Clot – Barcelona

Plazas limitadas
Precio 70 euros.

– Workshop introduction on 18th April (free admission)
– 19th & 20th April: Workshop In Quartz Composer: From Basics To Creating A Live Visual Interaction

Toda la información del taller en inglés:
Quartz Composer is a visual programming environment designed for creating interactive video and graphics, in a real-time environment, that can interact with external inputs. It is particularly useful for experimenting with interactive video art installations and live performances.
This workshop is made to introduce you to the basics of this environment and to help you create your own visual animations and interaction.

Workshop starts with Open day on 18th of April, and than continues on 19th and 20th April, concentrated in 2 days from 10h – 17h.

You need: your Mac, (only Mac above 10.6) – best if you have QC installed. If you have a midi controller bring it the 2nd day. No programming skills required for this workshop.

To install Xcode download Xcode from the MacAppStore for Free

– Workshop programme:

1st day 19th April QC visual programming environment.
Creating real-time video graphics and animations

Introduction to QC Patches and Compositions and how to use them;
Overview on QC settings and preferences;
Overview on QC Interface: The Editor and Viewer Window; The Viewer coordinates and the Aspect Ratio;
Library and Patch creator. Patches: processor, providers, consumers;
The Patch Inspector / The Input Parameters pane / The Settings pane;
Macro patch and levels / The Evaluation Path in QC;
Patch Ports and publication of ports (Inspecting Port values);
Publishing inputs and Use of Input Splitter;
Data types and Debugging;
Overview on Patches types: renderer, controller, filter, numeric, source, tools, transitions, plugin etc.;
Parameter control in real time through tutorials also covering:
Time in QC: Interpolation, LFO, Timeline
Animation: playing with 2D/3D graphics
Playing and control a movie file
Apply Visual effects
Make Feedback
Iterator playground

Program 2nd day 20th April Interactivity

Use external inputs and manage their settings;
Audio Input and Kineme Audio plugins;
Communication between applications;
Midi interfacing and controls;
Sliders and knobs working around

Third-Party Quartz Composer Plugins intro and Use
mostly from Kineme and v002

Learn how to pipe video between applications using Syphon. Recording external data through Syphon.

Integration with other applications for live video performance as CoGe, VDMX, Resolume and M8.

Workshop will be in English.
Sladzana Bogeska speaks also Italian and will be support for Spanish speakers only.