Escenario de Mapping en un concurso de televisón

Canadian TV Gameshow Gets A Set Fit For TRON.

The last thing you think of when someone mentions TV game shows is cutting edge digital design. Gaudiness, flashing lights, OTT noises and shaky scenery are usually the height of game show aesthetics, but thatâ€TMs not how they do it in Canada. Not on Le Tricheur, anyway.

The showâ€TMs creator, Olivier Aghaby, worked with multimedia design studio Moment Factory to came up with a design that does away with the tackiness and replaces it with some fancy multimedia projection trickery instead.

So goodbye flimsy sets, hello video mapping on 3D surfaces, LED strips, and custom software that controls light, sound and video. Itâ€TMs just like a real installation! In the video above, the Moment Factory team discuss how they built a dynamic set with “three video-mapping projection surfaces: a central orb, where the host directs the game; a panel showing the five playersâ€TM activities; and a large backdrop made up of several meters of LED strips, creating a sense of depth behind each contestant.

Who would TMve thought that in this supposedly dying medium, on a programme format thatâ€TMs usually the reserve of the old, the infirm, and housewives (or anyone with too much time on their hands) weâ€TMd find a place where multimedia artists can stretch their creative limbs.