#Fechas: del 5 al 8 de diciembre de 17h a 22h (20 horas)
#Lugar: en Telenoika: Calle Sant Pau, 58, 08001 rAVal – Bcn
#Inscripción Abierta, solo 12 alumnos: 60 euros / tallers@telenoika.net

#Taller en Inglés.

French visual artist Joanie Lemercier has a background in graphic design, and started using video projection when he moved to Bristol (UK) in 2005. After a few years doing classic VJing in clubs and festival around the city, he started experiments: projections onto transparent materials, mapping onto 3d objects, stereoscopy, always
trying to get away from the standard flat rectangular screen.

With a three other visual artists from Europe, Joanie created the visual label in 2008: AntiVJ, to produce and develop audio-visual projects, installations, architectural mappings and stage design.

Projects from the label have since then been presented all around Europe, in Russia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, China and New Zealand.

Joanie Lemercier will do a 4 days workshop in Barcelona, to explain his approach to artistic projects, and help the students to build their own video mapping project from scratch.



DAY 1: Monday 5th
Presentation of the label and various projects. Q&A.

DAY 2: Tuesday 6th
Architectural mapping:
– Technical aspect: projection mapping, softwares, workflow
– Artistic aspect: Architecture, narratives

DAY 3 & 4: Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th
Development of a mapping project, from scratch:
– Choice of a canvas / structure
– Development of an idea, storyboard, music
– technical aspect, technology.
– production of the project
– presentation and documentation of the project


Feel free to bring your own computer (PC or MAC) with your usual
softwares and projector (if you have one).
PC users, you could install vvvv from (http://vvvv.org/downloads)