Resolume 4 beta 2

Resolume sigue actualizándose dedicando todos sus esfuerzos a implementar y mejor las caraterísticas dedicadas al warping y a la multipantalla.

Advanced Screen Setup

The advanced screen setup window now includes a new perspective corrected transform on the slices. With this new transform it ́s easier to map tiles on a building and the tiles in the video will more easily line up with excising tiles on the wall. The memory usage of the slices is dramatically reduced so you can create a LOT more slices without any problems. Also many small bugs and improvements have been made to the advanced output window.

Drag Clip to Layer 

You can now drag a clip to a layer so it ́s super easy to quickly play a clip from layer 1 in layer 3 for instance. Just pick it up and drop it on any layer to trigger the clip. We love small ergonomic improvements like this!