Ya ha llegado el madmapper

La herramienta que tantos vj (y empresas…) llevan esperando para facilitar la labor de ajustar el video a superficies y volúmenes ya está a la venta.

Podemso descargarnos una demo para probar laas capacidades del software.

Sale a la venta a un precio de 299 Euros y si ya tienes el Modul8 te cuesta 199.

Toda la información la tenemos en su web.

MadMapper is built around the idea of sharing video content between applications.
To accomplish this task, MadMapper uses a Mac OS X based framework called Syphon.
Any application that can send its output the Syphon server, the video is
automatically available to MadMapper for further modification,
placement and cropping.

There is an ever-growing list of software supporting the Syphon framework, such as:

  • Modul8
  • Quartz Composer
  • VDMX 5
  • OpenFrameworks
  • Cinder
  • MaxMsp / Jitter
  • Unity3d
  • Processing (soon)
  • Resolume via FreeframeGL

The approach that one should assume with MadMapper is that it is extracting elements from a source, generally referred to as the input.” This input can be any material you import into MadMapper, such as an image, QuickTime movie or
Syphon input. These extracted elements are called “surfaces” that consist of
multiple geometric primitives, such as a quad, a triangle or a grid. These surfaces can then be transformed and arranged as desired within the video canvas called “the stage.”

Here is a brief tutorial demonstrating how easy it is to create a mapping with MadMapper.

MadMapper user interface strongly focuses on the process. The interface is divided into 2 main sections:

  • Left side: a utility column, displaying functions.
  • Right side: two windows allowing direct manipulation of the surfaces.

Step 1: Select the first button located on the on the far left, within the utility column.
All of the possible inputs will be displayed in a list. You can import a still image or movie file by either drag and dropping it into the media list or using the Import Media command from the main menu. If you are using an application that has Syphon output enabled, MadMapper will list it automatically. You can also the built-in testcard and
checkerboard. Select an INPUT, by double clicking on its name.

Your input is now visible in the Input view of the application.

Step 2: Create a Quad Primitive.
Click on the Surfaces button. It is the second button to the right of the Media button.
Just below the Media and “Surfaces” button click on the Quad button. It is located at the top of the three surface creation buttons.
Clicking on the Quad button will immediately create a geometric primitive called a “Quad” on your stage.

Step 3: Refine the Quad position.
Position it on the screen by manipulating it in the second view, the Preview Output.” You can click the handles at each corner to modify the geometry of the object.

Step 4: Define the Quadâ€TMs texture, by manipulating the screen-rendered portion of the input.

This concludes the brief tutorial. Until we have further and more detailed documentation available we encourage you to explore the software by yourself to discover it.