Kinect + Touch Designer DMX Light/Laser Control

Cada vez son más las aplicaciones que se desarrollan bajo Kinect. Yo, a dí­a de hoy, he visto por internet bastantes, pero todaví­a no se que se siente al manejar y controlar parámetros como si fueras un mago.

Este video me ha llamado la atención por las posibilidades que se le puede dar a la hora de crear o representar una obra o espectáculo.

Todo se mueve por arte de magia.

Using a custom USB to DMX box to send Kinect/OpenNI hand positions to control the pan-tilt of two simple LED lights. This concept will soon be employed to control some pretty high end lasers, enabling the DJ to wave laser beams over the crowd by simply moving his hands.

Kinect + OpenNI to Touch Designer (for some cool, Kinect based visual effects in the works) then sending via a Serial DAT to the USB->DMX box.

You can definitely see some latency here, which will be improved when we switch over to the EntTec DMX to USB box. Remaining latency is from OpenNI and +1 frame from the Shared Memory CHOP.

May switch to a CPlusPlus TOP for both the depth/RGB and skeleton position channels.

Custom DMX converter box was made by Florian Maurer.

Kinect + Touch Designer DMX Light/Laser Control from Phil Reyneri on Vimeo.