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    Media Architecture Group was set up 2006 with the main objective to initiate a discourse around the new phenomenons of media facades and media architecture. On this website we regularly post new projects and technologies produced by a vivid scene that emerges in the interfaces of architecture, media art and – design.

    NED KHAN. In the early 1960s, chaos emerged as a vexing scientific issue closely related to predicting weather. Using complex math functions, meteorologist Edward Lorenz found that minuscule changes in initial inputs could radically alter the results of some experiments. Lorenz’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ describes, by way of analogy, how the flapping of butterfly wings does affect the atmosphere and could, over time, cause a tornado. This analogy for transformation and Lorenz’s experimental observations both try to convey the extreme sensitivity to input of some systems, such as climate. After 40 years, the study of chaos has become relevant to computer science, aero- and fluid dynamics and systems theory, but its special bond with weather prediction persists. The weather – long a mythic symbol of beauty, power, and even cruelty – now has an up-to-date association with chaos and complexity, due in part to the Butterfly Effect.


Viendo 1 entrada (de un total de 1)
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