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Respuesta recibida, como veran son costos muy altos para mi.

Anyblend works with Matrox Dualhead2Go and Tripledead2Go.

• price for the Anyblend 2 channel license (Dualhed2go): 1750 € (10609 ARS)
• price for the Anyblend 3 channel license (Dualhed2go): 2450 € (14853 ARS)

If you just need to play back videos and still images, then you may use VIOSO Presenter, which is cheaper:

• price for the Presenter 2 channel license (Dualhed2go): 980 € (5941 ARS)
• price for the Presenter 3 channel license (Dualhed2go): 2450 € (8790 ARS)

Alguna otra opcion de software.