Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Videomapping workshop and introduction to LED control with Mad Mapper

‘Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Videomapping and introduction to LED control with Mad Mapper. Workshop 14th Edition


‘Narrating Structures’ is an intensive workshop where we introduce projection mapping.  We will look at diverse techniques for the production of audiovisual projects in architectural spaces and objects and also its application in artistic and creative practice. We will also look at Led and Light Design with Mad Mapper with the guest mentor Laura Ramirez. We will also will work on specific projects with some advanced students.


The 2 day workshop is divided in 6 sections. 

1st Session >> Saturday 28th of May 2016 From 12.00 until 19:00pm

1- Introduction to the mentor and presentation of their work in this field.

2- Study of  multiple videomapping projects. Hands on.

(half an hour break at 15.30 until  16:00h)

3- Learning multiple techniques and applying them using the different spaces and structures. Hands On.

4- Presentation by Laura Ramierez focussing on Led and Light Design with Mad Mapper

> Optikal Ink Lab showcase > Stage design based on LED and Mapping > Installations, sculptures, AV performances and Wearable Fashion > How to use MadMapper including a detailed view of all functions > Introduction to LED set up > principles of LED mapping with MadMapper (DMX/Artnet).

2nd Session >> Sunday 29th of March From 12.00 until 20:00pm

5- Projection mapping on different surfaces.

(half an hour break at 15.30 until  16:00h)

6- Creation and presentation of a specific group project.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

– Create various projections simultaneously

– Shape light into objects and spaces

– Project management and networking with local and international communities.

– Basic control of LED with MadMapper

This workshop is for artists, graphic designers, architects and anybody interested. 

Supported by Modul8 & MadMapper

Tech requirements:

Bring your own computer.This workshop is oriented to Mac users. A mac laptop with osx 10.7 is recommended. 10.6 is not supported.

You can bring also If you have, midi controller, projector, model/shape you want to map on,  DMX controller (Artnet, Enttec or minimad)


Blanca Regina  www.whiteemotion

Dr. Blanca Regina Pérez-Bustamante is an educator, artist and curator, based in London.

She is involved in creating mixed media performances, installations and film and is currently teaching at the School of Fine Arts and Music in the University of Kent.

Her research and practice encompass expanded cinema, free improvisation, moving image, photography and audiovisual performance. She has published various texts and conducted several workshops and talks internationally focusing on Audiovisual, New Media and Performance Art (Universidad de Puerto Rico, University of Canterbury, Goldsmiths University, Festival Internacional de Cine de las Palmas, La Creación Electrónica, La Casa Encendida) and she has presented several conferences with AVAcademy in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia).

She is also curator.  In 2012, with Steve Beresford, she started Strange Umbrellas, a platform for free improvised music and visual art. Her performances include collaborations with artists such as Leafcutter John, Steve Beresford and Matthias Kispert. Last works include Unpredictable, a film about musician and artist Terry Day. In 2015 she presented a mayor exhibition in Oaxaca, Mexico called ‘ Ephimera and Expanded Audiovisuals’

Laura Ramirez

Laura is a visual arts lover dedicated to direct and produce live visuals projects and experimental pieces for commercial brands, art exhibitions and worldwide academic presentations. She produces herself and host her work under the name of “Optikal Ink Lab”  her AV laboratory and label.

After many years working on advertising and TV as Filmmaker/producer, she found in 2008 the art based on video projection and light and she began to develop live performances and installations and to direct video mapping projects. Since then she has lectured and performing as “Optika ” in electronic art festivals like Mapping Festival in Geneva-CH,LPM in Rome, Vision’R in Paris and VJ University in Sao Paulo and her videos has been screened on sites such as the Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro and at the International Mobile Innovation Screening in Wellington/New Zealand .

Laura also has worked as VJ in several parties and concerts next to renowned DJ’s and bands in South America, USA and Europe, in clubs like “REX Club” in Paris,  “TRESOR” in Berlin and in cities like Bogota, NY, Budapest and Barcelona among others.

As video mapping director she has designed large scales projects like the “AV Invader” in Bogota for 90,000 people during the Summer Festival with 140 m2 of video projection, the first made for this festival and the largest held in the city and recently in 2016 she designed, direct and produced a VIP stage area forKaty Perry concert in Colombia with a projected area of 480 m2., in addition she has collaborated in architectural mappings whit the international crew  “United VJ’s” in the cities of Sao Paulo, Japan and Finland.

Lately Laura has been working on intervention of public spaces in festivals like the “Nuit blanche” in Bogota, Led media Facade projects for the biggest tower in Colombia in honor of Colombian folklore, video guerrilla and LED installations including FullDome projections.