Hayashi Japan Showcase por Parasol Systems

Parasol Advanced Systems brings together lighting control and motion control into an entirely new, breathtaking visual experience. This is the first time ever in the world that motion control has been artistically and seamlessly linked to the world of lighting control in this fashion.

This video is arguably Parasol’s most significant milestone to date. It provides not only a physical manifestation of this technology, but also a powerful glimpse into the full dynamic range of this technical marvel.

The brilliantly coordinated design was conceived by Mitsumasa Hayashi, one of Japan’s more revered lighting designers. He has literally brought Parasol’s ACS40 system to life with his highly original design. It is unique, elegant, sophisticated, and inspired. In short; a stunning work of art in its own right.

This video was filmed and edited over a five day period at Nihon Stages’ Urayasu Studio in Tokyo, Japan.