New in Isadora 2.0

– Modern, dark theme – great when you don’t want to stand out in a darkened room
– Drag and drop a media file into the main window to automatically import the file and create the modules needed to show or play it.
– Media view is now integrated into the main window, complementing the new drag and drop workflow.
– Customize which inputs or outputs are visible for each module, saving space and tailoring what you see to your specific needs.
– New “Status Bar” provides critical feedback about performance and input/output activity.

We’ve substantially improved the video rendering engine for Isadora 2.0 to give you the highest level of performance.

. Isadora now uses AVFoundation on Macintosh and DirectShow on Windows for the excellent playback performance when playing HD clips. (Using AVFoundation, you can play as many as eight 1920×1080 H264 encoded videos on an i7 CPU with an SSD drive.)
. You can still choose to render with Apple’s QuickTime if you like. That means superior interactive control and support for numerous legacy codecs not supported by AVFoundation or DirectShow.
. The rendering engine now runs in a completely separate task, ensuring that all your CPU cores will be used to maximum advantage.
We’ve added support for VidVox’s HAP Codec which offers excellent video playback performance, especially on Windows.


Projection Mapping

Isadora 2.0 includes a powerful projection mapping tool called IzzyMap. Whether you are projecting on a massive building or need to precisely map imagery on a theatrical set piece, IzzyMap provides you with substantial new creative options when projecting video imagery – options available in standalone programs costing hundreds of dollars.

Moreover, IzzyMap follows Isadora’s tradition of real-time control:  every parameter of the map – right down the angle of one of the Beziér curves in a shape – can be interactively modulated in real time. Need to track set pieces as they move across the stage? IzzyMap offers this exciting new possibility.

IzzyMap Features

  • Unlimited, independent projection maps. Just double-click any Projector actor (Isadora’s main video rendering module) to create a new projection mapping.
  • Unlimited slices within each map
  • Linear or curved slices
  • Powerful Composite Mapping Mode allow an unlimited number of points within the slice and the ability to combine multiple slices by adding, subtracting, or inverting them. (Learn more)
  • Independent opacity and color overrides for each slice.