KaleidoSoup festival _ 27-28 Noviembre _ Vietnam

KaleidoSoup is the biggest international meeting of VJs and visual performers in South-East Asia and it is held in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).
The call to participate is open to visual art performers and VJs of all levels, from amateurs to professionals.

Kaleidosoup shows the power of imagination.
Visual performers are usually the most innovative professionals of the creative industry, and they are invited to gather from the South-East Asia regions (and beyond) to take part in KaleidoSoup in order to share tricks, solutions, insights, projects, knowledge, wrapped up in performances to show and shine.

This meeting is designed to celebrate innovative forms of performances and is an unmissable occasion for artists and creatives to get inspiration and learn something new.

The reference model comes from Europe and this meeting is supported by an international organization of VJs, the LPM, with its new media artists that started from Western Europe; nowadays, extending its network to all the Globe and including a large number of VJ communities.