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Entropia es un espectáculo audiovisual inmersivo creado por  sound artist fraction, in collaboration with louis philippe st-arnault, nature graphique, and creation ex nihilo.

Se basa en un sistema de audio reactivo y una cúpula geodésica que mantienen una interacción constante con visuales inmersivos, y se sincroniza con el sonido. Sound artist se encuentra dentro de la esfera mientras que el las visuales se realizan a tiempo real (generativos) en las paredes de la cúpula y mappeando pixel a pixel las estructura de LED. El público se coloca en el intersticio creado por la dualidad de la luz física de la esfera y las paredes externas de proyección , ocupado por el material sonoro de vanguardia y espacializado usando programación 3D en tiempo real.

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Entropia is an immersive audio visual performance initiated by Fraction’s work on 3D ambisonics experimental music and joined by Louis-Philippe St Arnault, Nature Graphique and Creation Ex Nihilo to explore aesthetic representation of an entropic system. It’s based on a audio reactive geodesic led filled sphere that keeps a constant interaction with immersive visuels projection, and is synchronized to the sound. Sound artist stands inside the sphere while visual team performs real time pixels mapping and generative visuels. Audience is placed in the interstice created by the duality of physical light of the sphere and external walls projection, filled by cutting-edge sonic material, and spatialized using 3D real time programming

Entropia is a co-production with SAT and benefited from the Residency program in research and creation of the Society for Art and Technology – sat.qc.ca
The first iteration of the performance has been presented during IX Symposium on immersive experience (may 2015) ix.sat.qc.ca

all images courtesy of sébastien roy
all images courtesy of sébastien roy


The project started in 2014, when sound Artist Fraction, as laureat of Institut Français for France/Quebec digital field program, was designing a new piece in which on the technical aspect, he would redefine sound spatialization potentiality for immersive electronic music and expand his capacity to manipulate sound material in real time. Few months later, he’s joined by Louis Philippe St-Arnault to design a geodesic led filled structure as the complementary lightning system for the piece. Later, they teamed up with Nature Graphique and Creation Ex Nihilo to create the visual content for pixel mapping, and generative visuels projection

all images courtesy of sébastien roy
all images courtesy of sébastien roy


Literally, Entropia comes from greek etymology ἐντροπία which means « transformation». It characterizes the degree of disorganization or lack of a information on a system.
More precisely, in thermodynamics, while the first principle is a principle of conservation of energy, the second principle, is the principle of evolution. It states that any real transformation occurs with inevitable increase in global disorder; disorder measured by entropy. This law involves several questionings for our own civilisation progress and our duty to necessarily think of a sustainable development.
ENTROPIA is also thought as an architectural audio reactive object, paying tribute to the ideas of Richard Buckmeister Fuller, architect and theorist of geodesic design. For Fuller, the geodesic dome was architect’s response to questions based on our duty to implement sustainable development in a finite world.
Playing on the symbol of the dome, the work wants to offer a wide aesthetic response and provide an opportunity for the viewer to take up these issues through a multi-modal experience (sound, architecture, design, visual)

all images courtesy of sébastien roy
all images courtesy of sébastien roy

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all images courtesy of sébastien roy