5PONG. Instalación interactiva

Inspirado en el concepto de freestyle dance competitions, 5PONG es un juego basado en turnos con el fin de crear e intercambiar movimientos de baile. Los bailarines se sitúan en la pista de de baile  y se les captura el movimiento, que se basan en los iconos que los competidores han seleccionan y lanzan a la pista con la ayuda de un control remoto.

Inspired by the concept of freestyle dance competitions, 5PONG is considered as a turn-based game for the purpose for creating and exchanging dance moves. Dancers use the magic lighting dance floor to capture their improvisational movements based on the icons which are selected and placed by their competitors using a self-made boombox arcade controller.
5PONG is a senior thesis project created by QiuYi Wu. Sincerely grateful to all the people who helped me through out the Making process: Ben Fong, Brian Perez, Tony Lim, Leif Percifield
Documentation process: Adam Gman, Nori Yuki, Blaze Yentruoc
Professors: Anthony Jesse Deen, Andrew Zornoza, Ted Byfield
And all the inspiring dancers.
Music: The 55th Chamber – The kung-fu Masters by Sean Nowell
More information: thebattlemachine.com