Kuala Lumpur Audio-Visual Performance

Prymedia nos muestra en un pequeño video su puesta en escena en Kuala Lumpur, lo que más nos llama la atención es la disposición y uso de su espacio de proyección. Una estructura de unos 4 metros de base por 7 de alto rellena de círculos proyectados. Con un material proyectado que ha ido recopilando de sus últimos viajes a Asia y un ritmo visual que potencia la estructura visual.


We recently travelled to the capital of Malaysia to provide a three-hour audio-visual performance using a custom projection surface as a template for manoeuvring through a wealth of material gathered in Asia over recent years.

Here are some scrappy shots taken in portrait to give you an idea of how the setup worked.

Camp5 climbing gym was hosting the pro climber Chris Sharma as he tours the world, offering his knowledge and displaying his skills on some of the world’s hardest climbing walls. After his presentation we hosted the after party, playing melodic dance music and linking up visual material through animated patterns of imagery and light on a setup which stretched four meters wide and seven meters tall.

Music: Flying Lotus – tree tunnels3 (taken from Ideas+drafts+loops, link below)