Vision Nocturne _ Cubix

Vision Nocturna (Bélgica) presenta Cubix, una instalación interactiva audiovisual fruto del trabajo desarrollado en la residencia IMAL durante 2 semanas.

cubo de 27 m3
Lados transparentes (gasa, tul)

Sobre el cubo se generan formas geométricas apoyadas por sonido, que invitan al público a interactuar.


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Vision Nocturne presents Cubix, an interactive multitouch audiovisual installation, further developed during a two-week residency at iMAL.

Cubix consists in a cube of 27m3, shaped by a metalic structure and white translucide material. It generates abstract aesthetics from a simple cube, both sensorial and immersive. Cubix invites the public to enter the structure and discover its tactile, audio and visual dimension thanks to a multitouch table placed inside the cube and which allows visitors to make evolve projected animations on the cube.

Video Installaion by Vision Nocturne
filmed by dmoprod (
Residence at Imal 5-12-2012(
Live Dj set: Kopperniko (Rewind Concept)
Music Editing: Rawakari «Brownies In Vegas»
Editing Video: Vision Nocturne

Special Thanks @ Elliot Woods,VUX, VVVV community
Support by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

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