Actualizaciones de Modul8 2.7(beta) y MadMapper 1.4. Manual en castellano de Modul8

GarageCube and 1024 Architecture want to wish you a very happy and creative new year. We are starting our off with some announcements that we hope will enrich your activities in both current and future projects.

MadMapper 1.4 release
Today GarageCUBE and 1024 Architecture announce the availbility of MadMapper version 1.4.

This version introduces the following features and fixes:

Added native Quartz Composer integration: Parsing of published QC inputs, Passing Mouse and Keyboard events via Interactive Mode
Added Zoom to selection function to the interface
Added Presets modification by unlocking them
Added Navigation through surfaces and handles using Tab and Shift+Tab
Added new pixel configurations in the Fixtures editor, including 16 bit modes and BGR/BRG.
Added support for DMX using the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro
Added menu in the dock to be able to select the window in focus.
Added support for Canon EOS 5D MarkIII/EOS 1D X/EOS Kiss X6i/EOS 650D/EOS REBEL T4i cameras
Added support for Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8
Discontinued support for OSX 10.5
MadMapper 1.4 is available to all existing MadMapper license holders. Simply log into the MadMapper yourspace page:

Modul8 2.7 BETA
The GarageCUBE team [link] is pleased to announce the availability of Modul8 2.7 BETA.

Feature list:
– Syphon input
– Media Collector (save project and media into a folder)
– Artnet Support and improved DMX preferences
– Additional layer blend modes (premultiplied for Syphon, screen and exclusion)
– Pixel effects now use the GPU (and an option to use the old GPU pixels effects)
– Improvement of the sound input management
– New options in the automove and autoscale effects
– Fixed some issues with the midi/keyboard mapping

Known issues: Additional blend modes may not be compatible with media using an alpha channel.

Modul8 2.7 BETA is available to all existing Modul8 license holders. To download it simply log into the Modul8 yourspace page using your serial number:

Important note: This version of Modul8 is for testing purposes only. Do not use it in a production environment.

Your reports are very important to us. Please send us step-by-step procedures on how to reproduce the bugs you may be experiencing along with your system configuration to support [at] garagecube [dot] com.

Multi-language Modul8 user manual availability
The popularity of Modul8 is a global one, therefore we have added new translations of the user manual in French, Spanish, German and Japanese in PDF format.
These manuals are available from the Modul8 yourspace download page and the software package of the Modul8 application.

Announcing the FaderFox micromodul8 MIDI controller

We are often asked: «What kind of controller do you recommend for controlling Modul8?»
The answer from us is always «one that works best for you.» After a while we started asking ourselves what kind of controller we would like to use with Modul8, and then contacted FaderFox to build it for us. The result of this collaboration is the FaderFox micromodul8 MIDI controller.

The micromodul8´s dimensions are 180 x 105 x 70 mm, weighing 350 g so you can put it in your backpack along with your laptop and it will not take up too much space on a desk.

micromodul8 is USB class compliant and powered by the same port, no drivers are required. It has 3 standard knobs, 4 multi-functional rotary encoders, a crossfader and 36 colored buttons that we have carefully tailored to allow you to access each of the 10 Modul8 layers and a group of 16 buttons that mirrors the layout of the media set. Of the 36 buttons, 32 of them are supplied with an LED light providing the ability to receive feedback.

Functions of the controller will be fully integrated into Modul8 so that it will be easier for module savvy folks to customize controls to their hearts delight.

Pricing will be 249 € and it will be available in the second-quarter of 2013.

One month to win two FaderFox micromodul8 MIDI controllers and 10 t-shirts for the runner-ups!

Show us a video of you, or a willing friend, doing a 30 second testimonial about how much you love Modul8. The Modul8 logo must be painted somewhere on you or your friends body. The two best videos will be judged based the quality of the production and the content.

Submissions are restricted to existing Modul8 license holders only.

To apply simply log into to the Modul8 yourspace for further information:

The winners will receive their controllers prior to official availability.

We look forward to your submissions!

Best wishes for your dishes!

GarageCUBE / 1024 Architecture

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