I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance)

La agencia Brasileña http://www.superuber.com/ ha sido la encargada de llevar esta puesta en escena. Contando con una superficie gigante de proyección, Beyonce y las Naciones UNidas.

Os adjunto información sobre el evento.


We used 10 20K HLM Barco projectors
Mapping was done using Pandora ́s widget designer and 5 Pandora ́s Box Dual servers

The final video has a 8856 x 1664 resolution
This final video was split into 10 slices of 1080 x 1664 pixels, since each projector was turned on its side and we projected the images vertically in order for them to cover the whole structure.

We fed 2 slices into each system and did the warping and edge blending inside Pandora Screen

The screen is over 12,000 square feetIt is the largest indoor temporary screen that is a tilted compound curve. From an engineering standpoint, it is extremely complex.

It took a team of 45 people to sew the screen.It weighs 1000 pounds. The whole structure, which was hanging off the the UN ceiling weighed 6000 poundsIn order to create the proper tension for the screen to hold its shape we had to weld permanent rigging points into the dome of the general assembly.