MadMapper v1.2.


Ya ha salido una nueva actualización del MadMapper, os publico toda la info (en inglés).

Esperamos que Gnomalab haga un miniTutorial y de sus impresiones. (jeejejej le meto en cado marrón)

We pleased to announce the release of MadMapper v1.2.

This update brings several fixes, performance improvements and
introduces one powerful and highly anticipated new feature: Surface
Masks! You can now create masks on individual quads. You can also choose
between using the mask within the quad or on top of it, where the mask
is not affected by the tranformation.


Release Notes:

New Features:
Surface Masks
Masks can now be created on quads. Quads now have a built in mask option.

Syphon media deselected when corresponding Syphon server stops
Arrow keys are relative to the rotation of the surface and not the screen
Project files can now be moved with or without the medias
Drag & Drop in the input view now adds the media and selects it
The surface inspector is automatically shown when a surface is selected
Redrawing of quads when continously duplicated
Performance problem when selecting a large number of surfaces
The update is free for all currently registered users and can be
downloaded using their serial number by accessing the †̃yourspaceâ€TM page.

MadMapper can be purchased from our online shop. The basic license,
for two computers is €299. Educational prices are available upon request
by contacting us at support [at] garagecube [dot] com.
A discount price for Modul8 is available to owners of MadMapper via the yourspace page.

Happy MadMapping!

Best beans,
The GarageCUBE/1024 Teams