Behind the scenes of the Trailerpark Festival

Hoy os presentamos es puesta en escena para el Festival Trailerpark 2011. Un instalación creada conjuntamente por el público y vj muy vistosa, donde la propia instalación toma vida y movimiento. A continuación (en Inglés) tenéis mas info sobre quien y donde se construyo esta obra.

This weekend I got an email from Lasse Andersen a.k.a. Same Same, a fellow visualist from the Dark Matters
collective in Copenhagen. He was pushing their last video from the
Trailerpark Festival 2011 but since it was so freaking nice I asked him a
bit about how it was made and about the people involved in the project.

Throughout the video you see visuals created by Dark Matters and Hvass & Hannibal using VDMX and Modul8. Two visual styles that comes together very nicely.

[00:00 – 00:51] This is a good display of the interaction created by Yoke. The box with the two circular holes contains a Kinect
that tracks hand movements. These movements are used for controlling 10
interactive compositions that could put on top of other visuals. The
hands controls the worms, the big bouncing balls, etc. If you look later
at [01:34] youâ€TMll see a nice bulge effect applied as well. OpenFrameworks and OpenNI was used to process the tracking data from the Kinect and Unity 3D was used to create the interactive scenes.

Interactive visual installation where audience and vjs could work
together to create the main stage at Trailerpark festival 2011 in

Everything creative done by:

Construction master:

Festival by:

Programs used for the setup: Unity, VDMX, IMIXHD and Modul8

Music by: FCAN​