Nueva referencia de MIGA

Hacía tiempo que no publicabamso referencias musicales y volvemos a la carga con MIGA 43 y Skeamo.

Espero que lo disfruten:

The music you will find in «eRA» is an artist ́s diary. It is the closing
chapter of (isola) Jorge Sierra ́s path, a journey through the last 12
years of this musician and producer, a continuous, obsessive and
passionate search, anxious to find and materialize the sound landscapes
of his deepest secrets.

Like a phoenix of intangible time, his eternal reincarnation has turned to life as the prelude of an eternal trip.

A random selection of five songs chosen by the uncertain will of the present times. Skeamo
brings together artists from different races, cultures and paths but
with a common point of view: the courage of expressing their naked
souls. Globalizing dreams… he continues his path along with them.

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