Telenoika vuelva a la carga

Telenoika sigue con la calidad y buen gusto al que nos tienen acostunbrado … para muestra este video.

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Macau Arts Festival – (China)

Encounters is an audiovisual show which retells stories of times past
while simultaneously drawing attention to the current remnants of an
iconic facade such as the St Pauls Temple in Macau.


Omar ílvarez (2D)
Miquel Arregui (3D, 2D)
Gabriel Casanova (3D)
Sergi Casero (Audio)
Miguel Gozalbo (Audio)
Eloi Maduell (3D, Software Development)
Santi Vilanova (2D, Audio)
SolidSounds (Producton)​​fam/​22/​en/​