Modul8 2.6.2 update

Entre varias mejoras que trae esta nueva actualización, nos encontramos la posibilidad de conectar herramientas al Modul8 mediante Syphon.

Si tienes tu licencia de Modul8 no esperas más y actualizate, es la única manera de concectar el Madmapper con el Modul8.

Today we are releasing Modul8 v2.6.2.

The update is free for all registered users of Modul8 v2.6.

This updates follows the release of MadMapper v1.0
and is required for those who want to use Modul8 and MadMapper, along
with minor updates, additional features and several small fixes.

To download Modul8 2.6.2 use your serial number to access yourspace:

Remember that if you want to use your downloaded modules you must copy them to the modules folder of the beta.

New features:
– Support for Syphon output in Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6). Syphon is a
technology that allows you to share video image data between video
applications. For more information about Syphon please see the Syphon
website (
– Ability to the zoom the preview window in and out. Use the module
system using the keyword direct_preview_zoom and with the new module
†̃Zoom previewâ€TM. A module called †̃zoom enable (ui)â€TM is available.

– Problem while registering Modul8 if the home directory permissions were changed.
– A problem with saving project files.
– Small display problem in the media info when using Flash files.
– Potential problem when changing the MIDI mapping preferences from †̃projectâ€TM to †̃defaultâ€TM while mapping is enabled.
– Fatal error if a video capture driver takes too long to initialize.

Fixes (Modules):
– Description in the Keyword Browser Picking in the module editor.
– Toggle button and keyUp in the module system.
– A problem with the keyword †̃direct_globalMask_surfaceBlend_Destâ€TM in the module system.
– Fatal error in some cases when using the Painter module.

– CoreImage support for loading external CoreImage filters. This includes custom CoreImage filters as well.
– DMX support compatibility for some devices like VMS.
– Preview ratio limits extended from 40/1 to 1/10 in the Advanced Output window.
– Saves the render settings and the minimized state of the modules window.

Kind regards,
Modul8 Team