10 Year Resolume Anniversary Sale! 50% Discount!

Exactly 11 years ago (May 16 2000) we registered the Resolume.com
domain name. We (Edwin & Bart) were working together on VJ software
for our graduation project and decided to use the name Resolume for it.
Back then we never imagined we ́d still be working on Resolume so many
years later!

After our graduation it took us another year to test
and finalize Resolume but in 2001 we launched Resolume 1.0. The first
license was bought by Vision Impossible, a Dutch VJ team who also continue to rock to this day.

we released Resolume 1.0 it had just a few blend modes and effects but
it could already play AVI and Quicktime movies, display GIF, JPEG,
Bitmap and Photoshop images and even play Flash files! It could play 3
layers but remember this was all at 320×240 resolution. Checkout what
the Resolume website looked like back then with the Way Back Machine. Or download the Resolume 1.0 installer.

2 was released on August 16 in 2004. New features included output to
multiple screens, streaming video over the network to other Resolume
instances and it featured a gray and pink interface. This caused quite
an uproar back then.

3.0 was by far the biggest release we have ever done. It was completely
rewritten in a different programming language (C++) because version 1
and 2 were written in Delphi they would never work on the Mac. It was a
big change but it was probably one of the best decisions we have ever
made. We do not think we would still be here if we did not take that big
step back then.

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we ́re
having the first sale in our history. For the next 10 days you can buy
everything in the Resolume shop with 50% discount! This means
everything, Resolume licenses, footage, everything is half price, even educational licenses. This offer ends on Friday, May 27 CET so don ́t wait too long!