Puffersphere Planet Browser – Primeras aplicaciones con Kinect

Comenzamos a ver las primeras aplicaciones realizadas con Kinect.

A quick hack combining the Puffersphere (pufferfishdisplays.co.uk/​) with an overhead mounted kinect to make a gesture-based planet browser.

Gesturing to either side spins the globe on a tilted axis. Holding out
both hands and moving them apart goes to the next planet, or the
opposite gesture goes to the previous one.

Planet images were borrowed with care from:

Kinect is driven using openFrameworks (openframeworks.cc) and openTSPS (opentsps.com)

Next step is taking both depth and position data from the kinect to allow spinning on any axis.

Hats off to The Light Surgeons for letting me play in their studio on
the weekend while we work on a new installation for the National
Maritime Museum (where the Puffersphere is destined)

Also cred to Tim Gfrerer for working to crack the off-axis shader code.

ofxPuffersphere coming soon!