Projection, Piano, y Breakdancing:

Llevo unos cuantos dí­as engachado a este video, un poco de liberación de la mente ante tanto mapping.

Los desarrolladores son los Lumpens, un grupo de creadores que todo lo que hacen me deja con la boca abierta, esta vez se atreven con una coreografí­a visual y una actuación de piano ( Jin Wook).

Toda el desarrollo de la noticia lo tenéis en este link:

Esta en inglés, pero interesa echadle una miradita.

In the context of performance, digital media plays an important role
in creating a sense of illusion, making the impossible possible, and
giving visual properties to otherwise invisible entities. Lately weâ€TMve
seen many visual artists focus their attentions on the performance
sector to create collaborative, multi-disciplinary work that merges
together different practices and creative approaches to create
performance based experiences that feel entirely new.

One such experiment is A4, a multimedia performance that features Korean pianist Jin Wook Lee and the collaborative visuals of Lumpens
and Octamin. Opening with a black backdrop and a free-floating white
sheet in the foreground, the performance pairs projection with live
piano improvisation, synchronizing the audio-reactive visuals with the
experimental music composition. Each pizzicato chord struck by the
pianist seems to pluck at the undulating sheet. Several minutes into the
performance, the pianist uses a golf ball to demonstrate the prepared piano technique first coined and popularized by experimental composer John Cage, placing the golf ball between or on the piano strings to alter the timbre. With gradual progression, Lee moves into Henry Cowellâ€TMs string piano
technique, directly playing on the strings of his piano and entangling
the sheet in nebulous confusion with this avant-garde approach.

This performance piece is part of Lumpensâ€TM ongoing project, VAJP which pairs his innovative projections with other mediums of performance art including dance and live music. A4 is one of a four-part series debuted at his third VAJP,
demonstrating once again his illuminated versatility. For this
performance series, Lumpens also re-introduced an extended take on the mind-etching union with contemporary dancer Jason Ahn. But the real highlight of the series was an exhilarating performance with breakdancer Duck-hyun Kim AKA Ducky, who traverses the thin lines of an illuminated digital abyss in GRID.

As one of the leading breakdancers in the world renowned Drifters
Crew (Korea), Ducky displays exceptional endurance, a characteristic
widely recognized amongst Korean b-boys. Just check out the controlled
powermoves in his choreography. Lumpens highlights the dancerâ€TMs
artistic athleticism through a challenging integration of visual and
auditory components. The silhouette of Duckyâ€TMs toprock, footwork, and
freezes gradually complement the glowing perpendicular lines until the
momentum climaxes; and he basically jumps into this linear abyss.

Who knew that pairing breakdancing with projected visuals would be
such an enthralling combination? Weâ€TMre surprised those projector beams
didnâ€TMt blind Ducky and break his concentration. Regardless, weâ€TMre
looking forward to see what sort of wild and wonderful performances
Lumpens has in store in his next and final VAJP series. If you happen to find yourself at Coachella this week, be sure to stop by our tent to check out Lumpensâ€TM interactive installation, Punch.