«Le Bestiaire» nueva experiencia audiovisual de Antivj

Habrá que estar atentos estos días para ver el video del último trabajo de Antivj.

ANTIVJ presents a new site-specific audiovisual piece by visual artist Romain Tardy.

Partly influenced by surrealist graphic
novels and fantasy creatures found in the work of Cuban artists
exhibited at the Habana museum of fine arts, this new project will be
presented at the Unesco protected Plaza Vieja of the old city of La

Directed by Romain Tardy
Visuals by Romain Tardy and Joanie Lemercier
Music composed by Thomas Vaquié

This project is a collaboration between the
French Embassy in Cuba, the Historiador of La Habana and
Enghien-les-bains Art Center
Management & Production: Nicolas Boritch
Coordination (France, CDA): Benoit Guerinault