New in this release:

The biggest news is probably for Mac users. Finally FreeFrame effects are supported in the OS X version. Big ups for Intrinsic, Knalle and Valentin Schmidt for their great work in porting it.

Thanks to Pete Warden?s excellent work on the CoreImage FreeFrame wrappers all CoreImage filters are available for all OS X Tiger users. There is more FreeFrame news for both platforms. FreeFrame source effects are supported now, with up to 12 parameters to animate. FreeFrame mixers are supported now too, with up to 5 parameters to control. 

All new faders and knobs can be linked to other parameters or controlled by MIDI, just like the rest of Flowmotion.

User Interface improvements:

MIDI user feedback: every knob/fader you operate makes flowmotion show which parameter it?s controlling.
All browsers (for clips, effects, ink modes etc) use a new, consistent interface that does not interfere with playback.
Right-clicking any browser dismisses it.

General improvements:

Images with alpha layer are supported (support for video with alpha layers is planned in 3.0) Flowmotion now accepts shortcuts to clips for easy clip management. Layer masks can now be inverted.

A large number of fixed bugs and speed optimizations.