• metal machine empezó el debate 3D en 2D en el foro Mapping hace 10 años, 1 mes

    hola a todos,

    Alguien sabe cómo se puede conseguir hacer un efecto 3D en un plano 2d? Como este ejemplo:

    Quiero decir, desde el punto de vista técnico, cómo se programa todo para […]

    • Parece que si que es 3d, pero 3d digital, el plano es 2d pero no la composición donde utiliza shadows y lights , perfectamente haya ser podido desarrollado en OpenFrameWorks o Processing.

      En la web de creativeapplications.net lo explican

      «Considering the constraints, it wasn’t realistic anymore to plan any 3D mapping, or project onto a complex structure. The tools and workflow Joanie was using at the time, wouldn’t have worked with only a few days for production, so he decided to use a different technique: a projection mapping, but this time on a flat surface, an idea that is similar to an experiment he did in Bristol back in december 2008 for a gig with dubstep producer Shackleton (video).»

      «The idea here was to project a layer of light onto a painted visual, and use this “virtual layer” to create depth effects and enhance the visual by adding colors, animations and motion to the still graffiti. He enjoyed the challenge of using the production tricks he learnt from architectural mapping projects, and play around with the audience visual perception, to make this 2D visual appear as if it was an actual three dimensional structure. Technically, Joanie explains, this process is almost like “reverse mapping”, as all the production can be done on a computer, without worrying about projector alignment, and he can just trace / draw over a projection of the still image he designed. This, compared to a complex 3D mapping such as a baroque architecture project (video), is a total relief.

      EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL [vvvv, Events, Environment, Inspiration]