B-Seite Festival 2016 _ 12 al 20 de Marzo

The 9th edition of B-Seite Festival is presenting video art, interactive projection, anaglyph mapping, installations, light art, AV performances and an exhibition. Workshops, talks and a symposium for AV Audience Developement are the visual and autitive proposals within the scope of the VJ conference.

The rich program foresees even the participation of many partners of LPM 2015 > 2018 project:

AV Audience Development Symposium
March 17: 10 – 13:00
March 18: 10 – 18.00
Venue:  C-Hub // Hafenstr. 25-27 / 68159 Mannheim
Head of the symposium is the culture management expert Prof. Dr. Martin Zierold .Guest speakers are Iury Lech [MADATAC, Madrid], Vaclav Kovar [Lunchmeat, Prague] and Rossana Di Lella [Culture Action Europe, Brussels].
Sign up for free symposium [limited places]

Live Performance aporia
Nikky & Silvia Trix [Live Cinema Festival, Rome]
March 17: 20.00
Venue: zeitraumexit [free admission – limited places]

Exhibition Pentatono
Yiannis Kranidiotis [ADAF, Athens]
Venue: zeitraumexit

Workshop Use Your Face as Interface
Popesz Csaba Láng [Patchlab, Krakow]
March 19: 13,00  16.00
Venue: zeitraumexit [free admission – limited places]
Sing up for free workshop [limited places]